Disrupt The Cycle Of Waste

Feel Connected To The Clothes You Buy

Bold Beautiful & One of a Kind

Meeting the needs of today without effecting the needs of the future is the footprint of eco-friendly & sustainable fashion.

Benefits of Upcycled Fashion

Fashion should not be thought of as a disposable product. Upcycled fashion brings creative collaborations and alternatives to keeping our environment cleaner. These pieces are investments to your wardrobe.

Establish,develop and evolve your personal style!


We are collectors of unique discarded fabrics, garments & textiles.

All upcycled ingredients used are in their original form including images and art work. They are NEVER copied or reproduced .

We value the old school process of dissecting and reconstructing to promote a greener way of creating fashion.

The beautiful Minneapolis/St Paul MN area is where we call home.

Our all inclusive brand adds an upcycled twist to trimming down the waste in fashion.

This crossroad of sustainabily & creativity offers new and exciting fashion alternatives.

Community & environment are important to us.

Together we can help make the world a better place.


What's New

Textile Center - Holiday Gallery Shop

3000 University Ave SE #100, Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 1 - Dec. 24 2022

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